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Technical advances in modern molecular biology have increased the risk that research could be used against us by those with malicious intent. It is important that biologists increase their awareness of biosecurity issues and learn to assess their research in terms of modern security concerns to minimize that possibility.

The case studies presented here will help define the issues associated with dual-use research and security in the research lab. They include interviews with researchers whose legitimate scientific work could potentially be used for questionable or harmful endeavors, as well as a historical perspective on their research, bioterrorism, and research regulations. We have included primary scientific research papers and discussion questions that are meant to raise awareness about the importance of responsible biological research.

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Synthesizing Polio Virus
Aerosol Drug Delivery Research
Unexpected Results in Virus Research
Engineering Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
Genetic Control with RNA Interference
Reconstruction of 1918 Influenza
Public Reaction
Biosecurity Resources