Implementing the New U.S. Food Safety Law

In response to incidents of economically motivated adulteration and the threat of terrorist attacks on the food chain, the new food-safety law being implemented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration plans to prevent harmful food products from reaching U.S. ports and markets. The law requires the FDA to inspect 600 foreign food facilities within a year, and a greater number each subsequent year. To this end, the agency has proposed creating a global network of regulators and a database to identify problems at manufacturing plants and conserve resources by consolidating inspection efforts.

What are some of the major challenges to this law? - Shaun Kennedy
What are some of the major challenges to its implementation? - Shaun Kennedy
Is there a response mechanism in place for inspections of contaminated facilities? - Shaun Kennedy
We know what the US FDA is doing but what are other countries doing to protect food supplies? - Shaun Kennedy